Chicken, Waffles and Tomorrow World

Ahh, the smell of V.I.P at a music festival. No, it’s not marijuana or that smelly guy that hasn’t showered since the day before he got to the Chattahoochee Hills to rage his face off at Tomorrow World. No, surprisingly enough, it is the beloved smell of absolute deliciousness. It is the smell people from the South long for. It is the smell of chicken and waffles.

You heard me right, chicken and waffles. Being Southern and being raised around a mixed family, I have an devoted love for my favorite meal. Chicken is absolutely amazing by itself, in every form, but you add the waffles, and this creation takes on a completely delectable flavor.

I was not expecting Tomorrow World to have quality food. Boy was I wrong. If you had V.I.P., you were blessed with yummy appetizers passed around by beautiful, kind souls. ( SIDE NOTE: there is no other way to go to Tomorrow World and have a good time unless you are in V.I.P. No, I don’t work for Tomorrow World, but when it’s raining for days, you’re starving because you haven’t eaten well, and you really have to poo, you will praise your whomever your Higher Power is that has blessed you with A/C, unlimited toilet paper, running water and…wait for it….. PAPER TOWELS, after enduring mud, rain and whatever that stench was that radiated from the muck around the bathrooms in DreamVille. )

Anyways, to get back from that quite extensive side note, I would just like to say that chicken and waffles are fantastic. Tomorrow World was a great experience everyone should get the opportunity to go to. Happy Friday 🙂


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