Time to Bundle Up!!

Florida seriously needs to get it together. I don’t know why, but every year I get upset that it is hot and I am wearing shorts on Christmas, but come the start of “spring” semester, and I can scrape frost off my windshield. Trying to dress for Florida’s outrageous weather is as difficult as being out in it. Lucky for you, I have some tips on how to stay warm, but not sweat off that beautiful contour, inside during in class.

  1. LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS- Today, I unfortunately woke up late, and threw on the heaviest jacket I own, on top of a camisole from Forever 21. All girls can agree with me on this one, a cami, especially a tiny, thin one from Forever 21, is not appropriate to wear during a class of 200 college students. So, at my own fault, I was forced to keep my jacket on, AND buttoned up, while feeling the sweat drip down my sides. Sorry for the graphic picture, but I should have planned better. Try wearing an appropriate shirt or top that you will be comfortable in, underneath a light sweater. If it gets too chilly/ windy for the sweater alone to keep you warm,  go ahead and toss that overcoat on as well. You can always take off the jacket and just wear the sweater or top alone, while you are comfy inside.
  2. Scarves FTW- Scarves are amazing. You lose so much body heat through your neck and ears!!!!!!! With the humidity the way it is in Florida, throwing on a scarf before you head out the door is not only a smart decision, but one that will benefit you in more ways than one. Hickey on your neck? Scarf. Cold out and need to cover your ears? Scarf. Wearing too many plain boring colors and want to appear put together? Scarf. It really is the end-all, cure-all for a chilly winter day!
  3. Socks- I cannot tell you how many times a girl has complained to me about being cold, and I look down, and there are her little piggies, all red from the cold. Come on ladies, and men too, wear some socks! Throw on those boots! Utilize those knee highs! We only have a short window of time to wear them comfortably, so embrace it. Most of us do not care that you just got a periwinkle pedicure. Wait until you are back in short-shorts to rock those sandals you wear year-round anyways.

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