A quick reflection on my favorite class so far… Principles of Public Relations!


It was the start of the semester.  I was already excited for far beyond my classes this spring. I, Samantha Gordon, am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby boy. At the beginning of this semester, I knew classes would be difficult, but I am so grateful for staying in school.


At the very end of September 2015, I had received word that I had gotten the position as the Social Media Coordinator at The Performance Exchange for a paid internship! I was so excited I would finally be taking a step in the right direction for my career. When picking classes for the upcoming spring semester, I wanted to take Principles of Public Relations. I was very pleased to find out that the class fit in with my schedule.


When selecting this class, I was very pleased at the teacher that I had gotten. Dr. Janelle Applequist had received fantastic reviews on the ever popular college site, www.ratemyprofessors.com.  After having one class with her, I understood the hype. She relates on a personal level with her students, and helps you understand using real world applications, what public relations actually entails.


According to PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” To expand on this, Dr. Applequist has taught me that public relations is a two-way communication process, especially in the age of social media. This has played a vital role in how I work as a SMC (Social Media Coordinator).


By utilizing what I have learned throughout this class, my perspective on public relations has changed, as well as what I thought my career choice would be. I had always dreamed of working for a famous athlete. In one of our more recent lectures we discuss the difficulties that sports PR entails, I have decided against it. Dr. Applequist has helped me realize that I need to stand up for my own beliefs in this field, while holding on to the morals that I was raised with. I would much rather be happy with who I am as a person, instead of flooded with riches, defending someone or something that I truly do not stand for.


I want to thank Dr. Applequist for our two assignments, the Spreadable Media Project and our Personal Brand Project. They have truly helped me develop as a PR professional.



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