Visualization of Big Data, Blog I


Before enrolling in this course, I knew little to none about visualizing data. I signed up to be in this class simply because I need an elective of this magnitude to graduate, and I currently have a six week old baby, so attending a lecture was not an option. I had heard great things about this class, as well as Dr. Friedman, on Rate My Professors.

One of the visualizations of data that has really caught my attention lately is the new Verizon ads. In the ads they are commenting back to Sprint’s ads about how they are within 1% of Verizon. Verizon uses a map with a red or yellow shaded in area to show what areas Verizon covers versus what areas Sprint covers. This stuck out to me because as a new stay at home mom, I almost always have the T.V. on. The commercial replays constantly.

I am looking forward to taking this course, along with getting the opportunity to have Dr. Friedman as my professor.

Good day!


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