Module 8-

I used to run statistical analysis on the data set that we were provided. This is one of my first experiences with trying to find any relationships through statistical analysis of data. I found that it was somewhat confusing.

After entering the data into I ended up with this correlation, after LOTS of playing with the examples.


I ran descriptive statistics on the grades column, after editing the chart so that I could get some some type of answer, and I ran a column correlation between grades and popularity. I wanted to see if there was a relationship between the amount of people who answered that they cared most about grades and those who cared most about popularity. The test yielded the result of .64 which I read as a 64% correlation between the two columns. I ran these sort of analysis on all of the data and some columns showed more of a relationship then others, but overall I’m not entirely sure what the relationships mean. I think that 64% of people prefer popularity over grades.

Overall this module was a good exercise in starting to understand statistical analysis and running data through the program.


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