Problem: The problem I chose to take on for my final project in Visualization of Big Data, was comparing the safety rates of four major Florida colleges in comparison of the number of students enrolled. "Does the number of students enrolled have any impact on the crime rate for that school?" Description: The colleges I …



After playing around with some codes, I *FINALLY* figured out how to make a bar graph. I messed with the code placement, and was able to edit which side the Good & Bad data I had inputted! Below is the final graph with all of the coding I had done.  

Module #7-

This week our assignment was to explore using the software. Overall, I thought this was very similar to messing with the Google Fusion Assignment, but I found to be much smoother and easier to operate around on. I was surprised how easily finding the Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation was. Mean: FB- 55303632.375 Twitter-36042208.5 …